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BMA Zipper Company Ltd

Company Background

BMA Zipper Company Ltd was established in Hong Kong and has been in the zipper business for more than 20 years. We focus on working with overseas customers with business in different parts of the world including the USA, Europe and Australia etc. Our factory is located in ZhongShan, China in the Guangdong Province and have obtained ISO 9001 /ISO 14001 /OHSAS 18001 certification in May 2015.

Value & Propositions
Attention to details with focus on quality assurance

Our experience in working with overseas customers enables us to pay special attention on quality of our zipper products which can meet industry standard with ease. In addition, we closely monitor the raw materials from our supplier by regular checking and testing to ensure that they conform to the standard required for different markets.

Flexibility in matching different customer needs

We can help our customer to develop different zipper pullers or customized the zipper tape according to their own design. In addition, we optimize our production process in an attempt to shorten the production lead time required, thus helping the garment factories to meet their delivery schedule.

Timely response with excellent customer service

In addition to our sales team who is responsible for daily communications with customer, we have a team of in-house merchandisers who is responsible in following up customer orders. All the team members have great experience in dealing with China as well as overseas factories and they will follow through the whole production process from the moment the order is placed to us until the goods are delivered.

Competitive pricing without sacrificing product quality

To maintain the quality of zipper products that we offer, we need to ensure every single material that we use in manufacturing of our zipper need to conform to the testing regulation of a particular country. As such, the material we use will be of first-class quality and at the same time, we are offering our products at a competitive pricing to ensure that our customers can gladly use our product with no hesitation.